Do You Have Lazy Mouth?

A former boss drilled into me the respect each word is due. Nouns are to be spoken clearly, adjectives and verbs are your color words, and please don’t skip over your T’s and D’s. They matter.

To the wordsmith, letters have more meaning if they are conveyed with clarity. Too often our T’s become D’s and thus ‘impordant becomes standard and sloppy.

Trying reciting the entire alphabet slowly and with great exaggeration; stretch your lips and stretch your tongue for 2-3 minutes before you speak, and hit those verbs and adjectives with passion. You are off to the races.

Two simple tools to ensure you sound better than the rest: A warm glass of water and a 30 breathing exercise of ‘oooooh’ and ‘ ahhhh’ with your mouth as wide as possible, and these simple tricks will chase the froggy voice away, and loosen your vocal chords for optimum use.

Happy recording!!

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